About yoga and me

Hello all!  My name is Rouella… I’m a long-term yoga practitioner and a forever student of this thousands-year old practice. What many people know as yoga is the physical aspect called the asanas (or poses) and is in fact what enticed me to start practicing almost 15 years ago.  The images of yogis with their long and lean bodies appealed to me, I thought, hmmm I’d very much like to have that kind of body… so I gave it a try.  I thoroughly enjoyed the slow flowing movement that stretched and strengthened muscles I never knew existed.  The poses were definitely more challenging than I expected but quickly realized their potential to improve my fitness and overall wellbeing.  But I must say that the best part is how relaxed, calm and peaceful I felt after every single class.

I came to understand just how powerful the breath is… how it can calm the mind, relax and heal the body… how it can make us more mindful, more intent and clearer about what is important and what goals are worth pursuing and how through this focus we are better able to move toward those goals.  It sounds easy enough but I’m afraid to say that it is not, not in this sensory overloaded world we live in, however, it’s definitely a practice worthy of my time and effort.

As I continued to practice, I also began to hone in on other dimensions of yoga.  The concept of setting an intention for the day’s practice became quite an important part… that I can step on my mat and practice values such as self- acceptance, gratitude, kindness and compassion and continue to do so as I step off my mat and onto the world proved to be invaluable.  In fact, my yoga mat has become the vehicle to this journey of self-discovery that I embark on with an open heart and mind.

It has been and continues to be an amazing journey…  I may have set out to achieve this long and lean body but what I have discovered and experienced along the way is far more meaningful.  It has inspired me to keep learning and sharing this amazing practice of yoga.

I believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY, whether you are young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, 100 pounds or 300, the countless benefits for our bodies, mind and spirit will work on us all.  Through steady and faithful practice of breath work, movement and meditation, these can be achieved.  So come practice with me!